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Commit, Target, Stretch: A Model for Classifying Key Results

In the book “OKRs Field Book” by Ben Lamorte, he introduces the “Commit, Target, Stretch” model for classifying Key Results. This model helps organizations define and set Key Results with different levels of difficulty or ambition. Here’s an explanation of each category:


Commit Key Results:

Commit Key Results are those that the team or individual is highly confident they can achieve. These are typically set at a level where there is a high degree of certainty in achieving the desired outcome. Commit Key Results are often based on existing capabilities, resources, and known strategies. They represent the minimum expected level of performance.


Target Key Results:

Target Key Results are set at a higher level of ambition compared to Commit Key Results. They represent a challenging but realistic level of achievement. Target Key Results require teams to push beyond their comfort zones and adopt new approaches, strategies, or improvements in order to reach the desired outcome. They signify a significant step forward and represent the team’s primary focus.


Stretch Key Results:

Stretch Key Results are the most ambitious and aspirational level of achievement. These Key Results are set at a level where success is uncertain and requires significant effort, innovation, and breakthrough thinking. Stretch Key Results push teams to explore new possibilities, take risks, and challenge the status quo. While they may not be fully achievable, they inspire teams to strive for exceptional performance and stretch their capabilities.


The “Commit, Target, Stretch” model provides a framework for categorizing Key Results based on their difficulty levels. It helps teams balance their goals, ensuring a mix of attainable and challenging objectives within their OKRs. By including Key Results across all three categories, organizations foster a sense of balance, motivation, and continuous improvement in their goal-setting process.

It’s important to note that the categorization of Key Results into Commit, Target, and Stretch should be based on a thoughtful assessment of capabilities, resources, and the level of ambition desired by the organization. It allows for a balanced approach to goal-setting and encourages teams to stretch their potential while maintaining a sense of achievability.