SOKR Documentation
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The Quarterly Review

A quarterly review is a systematic process for reviewing progress towards achieving OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) on a quarterly basis and making any necessary adjustments to your plan. It is different from a weekly review in the following ways:

  1. Time frame: A quarterly review is conducted every 3 months, while a weekly review is conducted on a weekly basis. This means that a quarterly review covers a longer time period and allows for a more comprehensive view of progress.
  2. Scope: A quarterly review looks at longer-term objectives and how they fit into the bigger picture, while a weekly review tends to focus on shorter-term goals and progress.
  3. Detail: A quarterly review is more high-level and looks at overall progress and achievements, while a weekly review is often more detailed and focused on specific tasks and actions that need to be completed.
  4. Focus: A quarterly review is an opportunity to assess the overall effectiveness of your OKRs and make any necessary adjustments to your plan, while a weekly review is focused on staying on track and making progress towards your OKRs on a regular basis.

To conduct a quarterly review of OKRs, follow these steps:

  1. Set aside dedicated time for the review. Schedule a meeting or dedicated time to review your OKRs on a quarterly basis.
  2. Review your progress. Take some time to review the progress you’ve made towards each of your key results over the past quarter.
  3. Identify any roadblocks. If you have encountered any roadblocks or obstacles that have prevented you from making progress towards your key results, identify those and consider how you can overcome them.
  4. Assess whether your current plan is still appropriate. Based on your review of progress and any roadblocks, consider whether your current plan is still the best way to achieve your objectives. If not, make any necessary adjustments to your plan.
  5. Communicate with your team. Share your progress and any updates to your plan with your team.
  6. Update your tracking system. Make sure to update any tracking systems or tools you are using to monitor progress towards your OKRs.