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Workspaces in SOKR are independent areas with their own Vision, Mission, Objectives and Key Results and are siloed away from each other.

Workspaces are particularly useful when you are a part of multiple organisations or teams that have different purposes. For instance, you could be part of a company that you work for, a local soccer team that you captain, a board member in a non-profit, a managing committee member in a social club, and so on.

Workspaces allow you to create different areas within which you can track the vision, mission, objectives and Key results for each organisation independently.

However, each of these workspaces ultimately add tasks to a singular list of things to be done for you. How many ever organisations you may be part of you need to get everything done within the same 24×7 period of a week. In SOKR, while workspaces remain separate and siloed, the Weekly tasks list is unified.

Your team members in each workspace can only see the tasks that you have within that workspace in your profile, whereas you can see all tasks across your workspaces in your personal weekly tasks view.