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Constructing a Task Statement that gets done

A task statement is a critical component of any goal-setting or OKR exercise. It defines the specific action that needs to be taken to achieve a desired outcome. However, not all task statements are created equal. Poorly constructed task statements can lead to confusion, lack of motivation, and even failure to achieve goals. To ensure task statements motivate action, they need to be clear, specific, and actionable.

One common mistake in constructing task statements is to make them too general. For example, a task statement like “improve customer satisfaction” is too vague to be actionable. It’s not clear what specific action needs to be taken to achieve this goal. Another mistake is to make task statements too complex. For example, “create a detailed marketing plan for the new product launch” is overwhelming and can lead to procrastination.

To correctly construct a task statement, start by breaking down the goal into smaller, more manageable pieces. Use specific and actionable language to describe the task that needs to be accomplished. For example, instead of “improve customer satisfaction,” a better task statement would be “implement a customer feedback system to gather feedback on product quality.” This task statement is specific, actionable, and achievable.

Another key element of a well-constructed task statement is to ensure it is aligned with the overall goal of the project. It should be clear how completing the task will contribute to the achievement of the larger goal. For example, in the case of improving customer satisfaction, the goal might be to increase sales. The task statement should make it clear how implementing a customer feedback system will contribute to that larger goal.

In summary, to construct a task statement that motivates action, it’s important to make it specific, actionable, and aligned with the overall project goal. Avoid making it too general or complex. By following these principles, task statements can be a powerful tool to drive progress and achieve goals.